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My Dashboard

Whenever we index and calculate a story's importance, we check if it's relevant to you... if it is, it'll appear in your dashboard. It's not a river of news, it's scored and rated music news for you.

Think of it as your personal way into the most important music news and upcoming gigs specifically for you.

Your watchlist

Your watchlist is where you can add and remove aritsts to your Gigulate account. We've made it super simple for you to get your artists into your account.

If you've got a music collection on your computer or if you have a Last.FM, Myspace, etc. profile then you can fill up your watchlist in 5 minutes.

Twitter Alerts

Ever wanted to know about a bit of music news as it breaks? Our twitter alert service allows you to get the most important music news about the artists you care about direct messaged to you as soon as it breaks.


Every week we send out a newsletter with the most important music news and gigs for the past week. It's the easiest and simplest way to stay on top of the weeks hottest music news and gigs.

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